No Notes © were birthed out of a season of a whole lot of thank you notes. Now, I love to write a good note, but sometimes, as a new mom, it is just hard to know which end is up-much less write all the people that have stopped by to meet your new baby, bring you gifts and food and generally just leave you feeling a lot of gratitude. But, unless someone tells you not to write them, a good Southern girl always should. No Notes is an awesome gift within itself. I like to take them with a breakfast casserole and my favorite baby gift to new moms. How does it work? It’s a post card that the gift giver fills out and “self addresses” so the new mom can just drop it in the mail to let them know that they received the gift and are very appreciative. No notes are sold in quantities of 10 and can be stashed with your personal stationery for all those baby gift deliveries!

No notes